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Portugal is
already burned?

- 17-Aug-2005 - 23:38

No, not yet. Not completely anyway. The lack of preventive mesures associated with criminal behavior of some people put Portugal on fire literaly with big fires comsuming thousands of acres of forest and many houses and properties. In other countries - maybe less developed - when a similar castrastophy happens the prime minister apears in public and announces a series of mesures to compensate the country and the people targeted. The history even tells cases in which when it didn't happen the people claimed his resignation.

While a lot of people try desperatly to fight against the fire burning their houses and everything they have because the firefighters are not enough and don't have enough means to atend all needs, the portuguese prime minister didn't stop his vacation in a safari in Africa. The government and the prime minister substitute thanked the people and asked them to help in fighting the fire, although he didn't show them with which means, and already announced that the state of calamity will not be declared. Meaning that all the loss people suffered in their lands and cultures will not be compensated. This is an inteligent mesure in my oppinion because this way the EU will not need to tell the portuguese farmers and catlers to stop producing.

Besides that Portugal goes on in total summer normality. The few that still have some money get some still free sun in the Algarve. Half of the news in television are about football, Benfica won the Super Taça, The U2 made a concert in Lisbon and the TGV to Madrid and the new airport far from everything are going to be built apparently to make the portuguese economy grow (?).

Everything normal in a country that has three years to convince the world (EU) that the next elections will still be made with portuguese candidates...

Nota: Os leitores desculparão estas linhas em inglês, provavelmente cheias de erros. Mas é que tenho que aproveitar todas as oportunidades para treinar o meu inglês. Um dia destes posso vir a ser condecorado pelo Presidente da República (ninguém está livre disso) e tenho que estar à altura para responder ao discurso de Sua Excelência.

António J. Ribeiro


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